April 12 - 16, 2021
Autumn Holiday Stage Camp

Over one intensive week from April 12 – 16, we will be putting our young actors, singers, dancers and muso’s through their paces.

For five full days, actors between 9 and 17 years of age will be cast in two of four different plays and/or musicals, and rehearse these shows into full scale productions for production in term 2 and 3. Performers will learn the lines, blocking, characterisation, scenes, songs, harmonies, dances and much more, advancing the shows far more than weekly rehearsals allow. It will be very busy and very challenging, but we promise it will be worth it.

ANNIE & OLIVER! Ages 8 - 13 These two beloved musicals are united in a mash up called ‘The Tale of Two Orphans’, featuring all the classic song and dance numbers from both shows.

LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS Ages 12 – 17 A Broadway hit parody of B grade movies set in the 1960s featuring a Tony award winning score and OTT comic characters with a darkly relevant message for today.

HEATHERS – A TEEN MUSICAL Ages 13 – 17 (PG 13) A black comedy coming of age musical based on the teen classic from the 1980s with an amazing score that won ‘Best New Musical’ in London.

SPARKLESHARK Ages 14 – 17 A British one act play by Philip Ridley premiered at the Royal National Theatre in 1997.

If this is your first experience with us, IYT is a family of young actors, writers, directors, singers, visual storytellers and musicians where each individual feels valued and respected for their unique contribution and abilities. We get to know every child or teen and invest in their creative journey and emotional wellbeing over all else.

So whether you are an IYT company member or not, you will experience a week of invaluable training with NIDA, Bell Shakespeare and WAAPA acting, singing or dancing coaches and advance your professional skills. If you are not currently in the company but would like to join, this is a perfect opportunity to work with our directors, get to know the other company members and see if you are in a position to take it further. You might even end up in a cast of an IYT play and perform with us at the Sydney Fringe Festival!

"Another amazing production... I would never have believed that school kids could put up a show that was so compelling, clever and utterly unique"

Our stage camps are a high-octane activity for actors, dancers, musicians and singers that are renowned for being the best drama camps for creative kids in Sydney.

Adapting scenes from famous films, plays and musicals, we will get you working with industry directors from NIDA, WAAPA and Sydney Dance Company and rehearsing in professional theatres, dance studios and band venues leading up to a final evening performance - an unforgettable and inspiring experience for any young performer.

What happens at camps?

• We respect each child’s individual talent

• Everyone at stage camp is an ACTOR first and foremost, and everyone will perform in our camp concert.

• Everyone gets to choose optional electives including acting, singing/dancing in a musical theatre routine or a rock band.

• We group actors into scenes based on age and experience and rehearse a script we’ve adapted from Broadway musicals, movies and stage plays.

“We’ve been to most of the drama camps in Sydney and this was the best by far”

Autumn Holidays 2020
April 12 to 16
For ages 9 to 17
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• Private Bus transport between Leichhardt and venues;
• Supervision between class times;
Day 1 - 4 Sessions run from 9.30am - 12.30pm and 1.30pm - 4.30pm

Please note: If minimum numbers are not reached 10 days before camp begins classes may change or be cancelled (with a full refund).

If you have an enquiry regarding your child, our artistic program, tutors or day to day schedule please contact Annie on 0422 977 692. If you have an account enquiry or payment request, please contact Peter on 0411 134 421.

Questions? Contact Annie Macarthur
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