Kid A Performing Arts Co. presents Happy
Summer Holiday Incursion. January 2017. Directed by Matt Hardie.


Kid A teachers available for school incursions are all highly respected and much loved arts industry professionals. All are graduates and tutors at our most prestigious arts colleges including NIDA, WAAPA, VCA, ED5 International, New York Film Academy, ATYP and ACA hold and current WWCCs. Our fantastic team can provide your school with one off incursions or term long programs that are tailored to your student age group including pre-school, primary and secondary school.

Kid A Offers a wide range of bespoke 1 to 2 hour incursions, term programs and holiday programs for children from 4 to 18 years old. Recommended age groups for incursions or term program (not mandatory):
Junior Stage 1 - Preschool and Kindergarten
Junior Stage 2 - Kindergarten to Year 2
Junior Stage 3 - Years 2 to 4
Junior Stage 4 - Years 3 to 6 Senior Stage 1 - Years 7 - 9
Senior Stage 2 - Years 10 - 12


Drama & Comedy Improv
Pre-book a special theme and let our tutors transform your class and lead the kids in an imaginative adventure that will leave them wanting more. Works well for holiday programs and term long programs where kids work with a different theme every week. Choose from 'Circus', 'Haunted House', 'Mad Hospital', 'Fairytale Mash Ups', 'Harry Potter' or whatever takes your fancy! Tutors lead children in 'long form' improvisation that has everyone acting in character for up to 2 hours!

Musical Theatre and/or Glee Club
Learn the moves and songs from popular Broadway hits and jukebox musicals! This incursion works best for holiday programs over the course of 2 - 5 days or booked for term long programs that culminate in a performance for family and friends. Led by professional musical theatre performers, choreographers and musical directors, this is a signature course at Kid A and known as the 'triple threat' with equal focus on contemporary dance, singing and acting technique.

Clowning, Comedy & Circus
This incursion starts with the beat of a drum and the call of the ring master, teaching basic acrobatics, clowning and comedy sketches in the French physical theatre tradition. Children have a ball learning new skills that get them physically active and learning the important foundational skills of all theatrical arts. Perfect for a one off holiday incursion or a weekly class leading to an end of term performance.

Filmmaking: Make a Documentary
Making a documentary is a really big job! Kids will research a topic they care about and come up with three key points to demonstrate in their film. They have to think about how they’re going to tell their story, the style and structure, who they’re going to interview and what’s exciting about their idea for audiences. This is a fact finding mission that’s highly collaborative where everyone contributes equally to the end result.

Filmmaking: Make a Rock/Pop Music Video
This option works kids creative imagination as they illustrate the underlying themes and emotions in the song. The music may be an existing soundtrack, a self recorded original or cover of a song depending on experience. Primary school classes will usually have a song chosen for them. This contemporary class offers something for everyone - including visual artists and lovers of special effects. A perfect combination class where the visual storytellers and technicians behind the camera will get as much out of it as the performers in front of the camera. All will gain an excellent introduction to the artistic demands of telling a dramatized, musical story on screen and being a part of the creative process from beginning to end.

Performing Shakespeare
This can be a one off interactive incursion or a weekly incursion best suited to children in years 7 to 12. Led by actors from the prestigious Shakespearean company 'Sport For Jove' and Bell Shakespeare, children will learn how to read and interpret Shakespeare's text for the stage and discover the rhythm, rhyme and meter that underpins the action and allows the actors to understand, love and trust the stories and language that are as relevant today as ever. These workshops culminate in a performance and can be taken for one term or more.

Please contact Annie on 0422 977 692 or email to discuss further or to make a booking.

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