At Kid A we believe our future depends on our ability to create and be creative. Our children will likely perform many roles and develop many new skills to respond to the changing needs of an over populated world. We have a responsibility to educate our children to be the creative thinkers and leaders of tomorrow.


Drama has been an important part of human existence since we sat around the campfire and shared stories. It is about communicating and experiencing situations, historical and modern day worlds and all types of relationship dynamics without ever being in any danger. It helps children challenge their ideas about themselves and their environment and develop tolerance and understanding of cultural and ethical differences.

Drama helps children to listen, work together and find creative solutions to problems. It provides a safe arena to experiment without judgment, and through imagination and storytelling, a child has the chance to become another, feeling what it is to walk in another's shoes. This develops a depth of understanding and empathy that builds character and emotional maturity in the safest and most enjoyable way.


Early exposure to music and learning an instrument provides many, many benefits. Experts agree, there are lots of good things about letting your child learn to play an instrument. Here are 10 of them... proven scientifically and experientially.
1. Music increases intelligence
2. Music stimulates the brain and increases memory
3. Music develops social skills
4. Music builds their confidence in themselves
5. Music teaches patience, delayed gratification and grace
6. Music helps you relax, self soothe and feel connected to people
7. Music keeps you learning and exploring
8. Music builds emotional intelligence. Music puts into sound what is difficult to put into words
9. Music teaches discipline and endurance
10. Music fosters creativity.


Ken Robinson: Do schools kill creativity?
Sir Ken Robinson makes an entertaining and profoundly moving case for creating an education system that nurtures (rather than undermines) creativity.
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