Naomi found her love and passion for performing at a very young age. In her final year of school, Naomi topped the country in the ATCL exams (Trinity College London) for the performing arts and won 'Best Female Vocalist' in the Battle of the Bands competition the same year. After playing leading roles on stage throughout high school, Naomi has continued to train in dance, vocals and performance, graduating from the prestigious ED5 International Full Time Performing Arts Course, Australia’s pre-eminent institution for training performers for the professional stage.

At the start of her professional career, Naomi has assisted star dancer and choreographer Kate Wormald at the Kar Dance convention and has toured Australia with Grammy award winning songwriter, record producer and engineer, Eric Bellinger, (who writes songs for Chris Brown, among others). Naomi has been offered the chance to work with Australia's finest dancers, choreographers and theatrical directors including William Forsythe, Natasha Crane, Sally Hare, Jess Orscik and Phillip Filo. Her passion and drive for the performing arts encourages her to help children reach their full potential and find the joy in performing.


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Kid A Performing Arts Co. is an Epiphany arts program for primary school children. Epiphany Arts Inc. is a not for profit organisation.